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What is 3-Cs Technology?
A Modular Approach
Fabrication Examples
Manufacturing Process


3-Cs concepts: Introduction


3-Cs is developing a radically new approach for the fabrication of superconducting electrical machines.


Superconducting electrical machines are usually designed in the same way as conventional machines operating at normal temperatures - with long lengths of conductor wound into coils.


However, suitable lengths of high temperature superconducting tape are not yet available for building other than relatively simple demonstration equipment and this is likely to remain the case for some years to come.


The 3-Cs concept eliminates the need for long lengths of conductor and utilises film deposition and lithographic techniques widely used in the semiconductor industry, but in three dimensions. The superconducting layers are deposited directly onto cylindrical formers.  Superconducting tracks are then patterned using,  for example,  laser scribing or etching of the superconducting layer.   In this way multilayer superconducting structures will be built up directly into the cylindrical geometry required by the final electrical machine.


Buffer and YBCO layer deposition on an IBAD textured former followed by laser scribing to “pattern” a coil – similar to a thread cutting operation on a lathe. A similar structure could be achieved by an IBAD beam writing process followed by buffer and YBCO layer depositions.




3 C's is actively seeking collaboration partners to develop this technology.  Please contact us if you are interested.